Our customized


Online coaching

Receive professional fitness coaching and results through our very own DIGITAL APP!  Get your workout done anywhere from your MOBILE DEVICE on your own time.

Repz Fitness will create your customized program utilizing the equipment you have available to you. So whether you have a gym membership or workout from home we have you covered!


1-on-1 coaching

Get results IN-PERSON with one of our industry leading fitness professionals. Repz Fitness one-on-one coaching not only provides you with a custom program based on your needs, but also accountability, form correction, motivation and more!


Adult bootcamps

Leaner. Faster. Stronger 

Rep it out with our high intensity, full body workout! This circuit style routine targets all major muscle groups using a variety of equipment such as sleds, battle ropes, kettlebells and more. Every class is designed to burn fat, tone muscle & improve cardiovascular fitness. 


No two individuals are the same which is why we have something for EVERYONE. No matter your fitness goal, we can help you get there!

Fat Loss

This program is for those exclusively wanting to drop 10 plus pounds of body fat or more!  Our sole focus is to drop as much excess body fat as possible while maintaining lean muscle in the body.

These workouts combine weights and high intensive interval training to maximize strength and cardio benefits while keeping your heart rate elevated.


If you’re looking for a firm body with muscle definition and shape, then this program is the right fit for you.

This program involves increasing muscular strength and definition utilizing proper strength training techniques along with nutritional guidance to get the best results possible.


This program is designed for athletes of all ages looking to increase speed, power, and athletic performance.  Participates utilizing this program will focus on strength, core, and agility training to ensure they perform at peek levels during competitions.


Let us teach you how to eat following Integra’s flexible dieting approach. With this program you can still enjoy the foods you love and see the results your looking for.
So say bye-bye to those boring diets and hello to long term, sustainable results.

This program gives you nutritional guidance based on your current lifestyle and goals.

We will guide you through breakfast, snacks, pre and post workout nutrition, as well as adapt to any food preferences you may have.

Let’s get to work!

What are you waiting for?  Allow Repz Fitness to give you that confidence and competitive edge you seek to make the new FIT YOU come true.

Fitness can be difficult for many people today.  We get this, and is why we do what we do.  We want to help people just like you achieve their fitness goal with REAL WORLD, TESTED, and PROVEN methods that WORK.