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We Are Passionate about health & fitness.  Allow us to help you with your journey!

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We’re Armando & Julissa, fitness coaches based out of Fort Worth, TX with over 14 years of combined professional experience under our belt. We both currently hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Health Promotion (Armando) and Health Science Pre-Clinical (Julissa). In addition to our degrees we are both nationally certified personal trainers through NSCA [National Strength & Conditioning Association] & NASM [National Academy of Sports Medicine].

We both became immersed into fitness during college and decided to pursue our passion for Sports Science. We have helped thousands meet & surpass their fitness goals through personal training, online training, and virtual programs. We pride ourselves in providing the very best programming for our clients, both in-person and online, and setting them up for lifelong success. We are honored to begin this journey with you.



Thank you so much for everything! Honestly, I have had other coaches in the past and I have NEVER had this kind of support. Clearly it has made a huge difference. I greatly Appreciate you.

- Nancy

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We are REAL trainers that work with REAL people.  We understand the struggle that many people face today when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  That is what Repz Fitness is all about… Providing REAL WORLD programs and training to REAL WORLD people.  No cookie cutter programs and training here, just PROVEN and TESTED methods that will make a DIFFERENCE