Integra – Fit At Home




Burn fat, Tighten up… AT HOME!

All you’ll need is a pair of dumbbells and resistance bands to achieve the best results in 6 weeks! This program is PERFECT for anyone:

– Anyone looking to drop some weight and tighten up
– Anyone looking to maintain their current weight while getting stronger

-6-Week Full Body program that hits everything: Arms, Back, Thighs, Booty, Love Handles, Belly Fat. I got you covered!
-Strength Training workouts to boost metabolism + HIIT Cardio workouts to burn stubborn fat
-Nutrition Guide that teaches you how to calculate how many calories you need to intake daily to reach your goals
-Macro Cheat Sheet so you know how to shop clean foods
-Training Calendar that explains when to complete every workout & when to rest
-Videos for EVERY movement to ensure proper form & technique

Be sure to snap Before & After’s to track your progress and document your results!